11th Digital Transformation Strategy Meeting

Forecasted to reach a whopping US$ 330 billion by 2025, Indonesia’s potential growth is undeniably immense. Sprung from the effects of a global crisis two years ago, Indonesia made its own opportunity and is now projecting the country as the digital hub for Southeast Asia. While numbers are soaring when it comes to growth and opportunity, on the other hand, the number of…

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Organizations are always working to increase security and drive growth. In this context, SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) architecture and Zero Trust are two crucial solutions that have emerged as game-changers. Businesses can accomplish digital acceleration and develop a culture shift that embraces the new era of connectedness by combining these strategies. Organizations that use Zero Trust and SASE architecture strengthen their digital defenses while also fostering a cultural shift among their employees. This shift entails a mindset that prioritizes security, collaboration, and adaptability.

Rethinking CyberSecurity When Your Workforce is Remote

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