India Extends Health Technology Initiatives to Global Community Amidst Ongoing Health Issues

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India, which is recognized for its large population and diverse culture, has emerged as a significant player in the health technology industry. In light of the ongoing health issues, which have underscored the need for strong health infrastructure and inventive technologies, India has extended its health technology initiatives to the international community.

This will provide aid and access to lower to medium-income earner countries when it comes to global health services. Additional Secretary of Health, Lav Agarwal, announced this decision during an event in Goa on Sunday, stating that India has taken a principled decision to provide its technology to the whole world.

The telemedicine platform is India’s largest to date, with a remarkable record of 110 million calls made. An engineer from Jharkhand discovered that each call saved approximately 24 kilometers of walking distance, and $11 was saved per call. With the total number of calls made at 110 million, you can imagine the tremendous amount of savings that were generated.

In its capacity as the Chair of the G20 Presidency, India is committed to building upon the health priorities and key takeaways established during previous presidencies. The country is also focused on drawing attention to critical areas that require strengthening.

Furthermore, India is striving to facilitate convergence in discussions across diverse multilateral forums engaged in health cooperation and to promote integrated action towards this end. These objectives have been articulated by the G20 Presidency secretariat. India’s efforts aim to promote global health cooperation and facilitate access to health services for those in need.

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