Data Centers’ Energy and Water Usage Raises Concerns for Sustainability

Data centers, the backbone of modern internet operations such as streaming, social media, and search engines, are facing scrutiny over their large consumption of electricity and water, prompting concerns about long-term sustainability. The energy consumption is mostly sustained by fossil fuels, contributing significantly to carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Despite the internet’s overall minor role […]

Global Medical Robots Market Forecast to Reach $36.84 Billion by 2032

The market for medical robots has shown development with a forecast value of $36.84 billion by 2032, as stated by a recent study of Emergen Research. Throughout the span of this forecast, the market is anticipated to maintain a constant revenue CAGR of 16.5% The industry’s expansion has been significantly aided by the spike in […]

Ppro’s Strategic Expansion Plan into India and Japan to Capitalize on Fastest-Growing Region and Biggest Growth Potential

Ppro’s decision to expand into India and Japan is a calculated move based on the growing demand for cross-border payments, particularly in the rapidly developing Asia-Pacific region. The company’s partnership with the National Payments Corporation of India allows it to capitalize on the adoption of UPI, India’s real-time payments system, for cross-border e-commerce. This move […]

IDC Predicts Asia Pacific Security Spending to Reach $36 Billion in 2023

Asia Pacific organizations are expected to spend USD 36 billion on security hardware, services, and software in 2023, representing an increase of 16.7% over the previous year, according to IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide. IDC predicts that spending on security-related products and services will maintain steady growth despite the economic slowdown and uncertainty risks, […]

Revolutionizing wellness tracking: Apple’s new iPhone app for mental and physical health

Apple, a tech-giant company recognized for its revolutionary software and products, is reportedly developing a novel iPhone application that will facilitate users in tracking their mental and physical health through journaling. The app will enable users to record and scrutinize various aspects of their daily routine, thereby supporting users in improving their overall well-being. This […]

India Extends Health Technology Initiatives to Global Community Amidst Ongoing Health Issues

India, which is recognized for its large population and diverse culture, has emerged as a significant player in the health technology industry. In light of the ongoing health issues, which have underscored the need for strong health infrastructure and inventive technologies, India has extended its health technology initiatives to the international community. This will provide […]

Are E-wallets Safe? Understanding the Risks of Digital Wallets

Electronic wallets (E-wallets) have gained popularity recently as a quick and safe method of conducting transactions. However, with the rise of digital payment methods, incidents of e-wallets losing money have also been on the rise. Gcash for example— a famous e-wallet provider in the Philippines, has several cases where e-wallet users have lost money from […]

Singapore’s Agritech Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in a Limited Space

Singapore’s agricultural landscape is growing, with the country utilizing innovative techniques such as vertical farming and investing in research and development through institutions such as the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). However, Singapore’s limited land and resources result in heavy reliance on food imports, with 90% […]